PILLARS: Contemporary art in St. Augustine’s Church

PILLARS was an exhibition of Site Specific works at St. Augustine’s Church, Brocco Bank, Sheffield, for the weekend of 22nd-24th March.  Joseph Boothby, Alex Hernández, Posy Jowett and Michelle Watts were allowed access to this impressive space for a five-week long residency, during which time they created artworks which were relevant to their context, specific to St. Augustine’s. Working in a Church is a challenge, because they are so loaded with their own histories, and so these artists have sought to infiltrate this exciting space. Many of the resulting interventions were hard to find, which meant that their audience had to scour the building, so that everything became a work of art. Interesting shadows, children’s toys and marks on the carpet were re-framed during the course of the exhibition, transcending their usual interpretations.

Click on the numbers in the floor plan below to see the artworks exhibited there.

Location Piece 1Location Piece 2Location Piece 3Location Piece 4Location Piece EntranceLocation Piece 5


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